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Mother and Baby

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04 Apr 15

The Stork Has Landed

  Well, here we are with our new arrival. A perfect little baby girl named Bonnie. She was born at home five weeks ago, and made it just in time for lunch. She is everything I could have hoped for and more, and we are all so in love with her. There she was, and there Teddy was, and my love was doubled and my worries were halved.   A wise lady once told me; “you would never believe how much you can bond with other women over babies”. And she was right. Little Delilah was born two weeks before Bonnie, to my very special friend Al and her equally lovely husband Sean. She is a real little beauty and the image of her Mum. Al and I have been friends since we bonded over our matching Shoe Express lace ups in year seven of school, and have grown up […]

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23 Dec 14

Ho Ho Ho!

Well today we reached a milestone in our house . A very happy young Teddy amused himself whilst I sorted the kitchen out. “I should probably check on him” I pondered, but enjoying the peace, decided to be convinced by his happy little chatters. Several minutes later I walked in to what can only be described as a the epitomy of a Toddler Moment; my (new) dining table  covered in scribbles. Whilst I scrubbed said table, Teddy was banished to the hallowed ground of the naughty step. To add insult to (table) injury, he sat there merrily doing impressions of me: “don’t you DARE!” (do I really talk like that?)! “Get on the naughty step this instant.” Hm. Now it has been some time since I have uploaded a new blog entry and there are two reasons for this. Firstly, now that I am in my third trimester I am […]

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20 Nov 14

In My Pants

Hello! Well this week I am starting to look decidedly impregnated and I have been flagging. It makes me wonder how I will hold out for maternity leave until early February. The upside of this is that people have obviously decided it’s safe to assume I am pregnant and be really lovely to me! The downside is for poor Teddy who is being encouraged to take lots of naps with Mummy. A gentle activity we have recently adopted is visiting our local farm where we can take our old vegetable scraps and feed the hungry goats (the pigs even once got champagne truffles; third world pig problems). On a little outing there last week young Teddy decided to revoke his potty training regime and do not one, but two wees in the car. We arrived to pick Nana up beforehand when I discovered said wees and asked “Teddy; have you […]

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07 Nov 14


Well hello all, Coco here! Welcome to my new blog, where I shall be wittering about our adventures as a little family and our (at times unsuccessful) ventures into the world of free from cooking. A little about me: I am a working Mum based oop North, with a gorgeous little two year old lovingly known as Teddy, and an expanding bump containing a baby of unknown flavour. Our mission is to launch our little brand Theodore By Coco, inspired by my love of traditional styles for little boys.   It has been a week of nesting in our household this week. When I was pregnant with Teddy I had so much to prepare; we had recently moved into our house and had not a stitch of baby gear. This time around we have everything that we need, and so my nesting (and spending) urges are really being left un- […]

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04 Nov 14

Hello world!

Welcome to Hello! Children and Parenting. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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