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Recipes with Becky & Lolo

27 Aug 13

Cupcakes, Castles and Clouds: Wall Stickers for Kids

Our two-year-old daughter is quite the little artist. She absolutely loves to draw. Not long after introduced crayons to her, Hannah began churning out multiple works of colourful art a week, all of which we proudly display throughout the house. Those dozen or so crayons are some of her most prized possessions. Like most toddlers, however, Hannah also loves to try new things, and she has lately taken to drawing on the walls. Our white walls must have looked so similar to the white paper she was colouring on, it was only natural to move her artwork there next. It has only happened once – red and purple scribbles up and down our living room wall! – but she has tried to do it many times since. We thought about ways to solve this problem while still encouraging her creativity and found that wall stickers for kids are a perfect […]

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