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Recipes with #flood

10 Sep 13

Glory days

If I’m completely honest, I’d been thinking that our summer holidays this year were a bit of a wash out. A broken water pipe led to a flooded basement, so the start of the school holidays saw us camped out at a nearby hotel for two and a half weeks. While we were there the nine year old tripped over a bed, broke her foot, and had to spend the rest of the summer in plaster. Which is why when it came to taking our family holiday, we chose to stay in the UK rather than the usual two weeks somewhere hot. Considering the nine year old couldn’t take part in the usual holiday pursuits, we had a surprisingly lovely time. Despite this I have to admit to feeling more than a bit irritated at the events of the summer.  So, when on the first morning back to school the […]

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Welcome to Take Five, a blog which is life through my eyes as a full-time mum and freelance writer with three energetic children aged 6, 9 and 13. I have a schedule that could give the royals a run for their money and a husband who often has to work away. When I’m not building camps, playing schools or trying to keep one step ahead of my teenager, I can be found making omelettes, striving for general self-improvement and occasionally hiding in a dark cupboard!

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