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10Sep 13

Glory days

sun motifIf I’m completely honest, I’d been thinking that our summer holidays this year were a bit of a wash out.

A broken water pipe led to a flooded basement, so the start of the school holidays saw us camped out at a nearby hotel for two and a half weeks.

While we were there the nine year old tripped over a bed, broke her foot, and had to spend the rest of the summer in plaster. Which is why when it came to taking our family holiday, we chose to stay in the UK rather than the usual two weeks somewhere hot.

Considering the nine year old couldn’t take part in the usual holiday pursuits, we had a surprisingly lovely time. Despite this I have to admit to feeling more than a bit irritated at the events of the summer. family

So, when on the first morning back to school the nine year old said that she thought we’d had one of the best school holidays ever, I have to confess to raising my eyebrows ever so slightly.

I asked her to remind me of some of the highlights. Without hesitating she listed the 100m sprint competitions they’d had down the hotel corridors; the endless board games we’d all played; the fun of us all living in two rooms; the unlimited pastries at the breakfast buffet; the amazing milkshake shop she had found…

Buoyed by her attitude, I encouraged everyone to add to the list of positives.

I started by saying how encouraging it was that the children had tried, and liked, some new dishes.

Nick said that he had been enchanted by some of the beaches we’d discovered.

The six year old declared that he was practically a surfer now after his surfing lesson.

The nine year old had loved going on a zip wire with her cast.

zip wire

The thirteen year thought that it had been quite nice that her hair hadn’t gone frizzy with the heat.

I admitted that I had enjoyed having practically no chores all summer.

Nick added that jumping in the car and taking off was marginally less stressful than the usual airport hysteria.

After being reminded of its name and species, the six year old said that he had made a good friend in Crabby, who he had caught in a rock pool. crabby

The nine year old said that when she was picking the sand out of the end of her plaster cast, she had found a bit of a beautiful shell that she might keep forever.

The thirteen year old pronounced that although Nick and I were predictably embarrassing this year, we weren’t as bad as we could have been.

‘The only problem with our holiday this year, really …’ piped up the six year old, ‘…was that there was too much glory.’

For a moment I basked in the warm glow of a parent who has managed to provide more happiness than her children can process, until he added…

‘Mum, why do they put so much glory in the swimming pool? Because, really, it just makes everybody’s eyes sting…’

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