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19Sep 13

Tips for fun and stress-free family holidays

Tom and Mary are now settled back in school after the summer, but half-term is just around the corner. I need to plan a mini-break!

I like my children to spend the first half of their mid-term holiday at home, then we take a two- to three-day trip somewhere that both mummy and children can enjoy themselves. Good holiday planning is vital as each of my children likes different activities and environments.

Knowing your children’s likes and dislikes gives you the confidence to choose a holiday that will be perfect for everyone.  Here are some of my tips for fun and stress-free family holidays.

Tips for fun and stress-free family holidays

Tips for fun and stress-free family holidays

Choosing a holiday destination

Family holidays are important because they give parents and children time to relax and bond.  So if you choose to travel away from home, you need to get it right.

I prefer an organised, all-inclusive holiday at half-term, and we have had great experiences with holiday villages.  There is plenty of entertainment for Tom, who’s 10, and Mary, who’s 8, such as horse-riding and trekking. But a word of caution: do not sign your children up for too many activities before you get to your destination and consult with them beforehand. You will save money that way, take my word for it!

Start with a couple of activities to see how your kids get on before committing to others. I learned the hard way at our first holiday village in the Cotswolds when we ran out of time to do everything I had organised and paid for in advance!

Planning the holiday journey

So you have chosen your holiday location and booked some fun activities, but now you need to plan ahead for the journey. Travelling with children can be stressful because they can become bored easily. You know what I mean. You get everyone out of the house, pack up the car boot, drive a few miles, and then comes the most dreaded question asked by children: “Are we there yet?”

When Tom and Mary were younger, I would pack a bag of essential items, like colouring pens and paper, and their favourite soft toys to keep them amused. We would also play some easy games like “I Spy with My Little Eye”.  Now it’s a lot easier as they are happy to read in the car, play a board game or listen to music on their iPods!

Have you got any great tips or success stories of planning your fmaily holidays? I’d love to hear how you organise them.


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