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10Aug 13

Style Sense: Decorating the Nursery

I still remember the joy of decorating the nursery for my firstborn, Tom. There was so much anticipation for his arrival, that I felt that the active task of planning and decorating was a wonderful way to direct my nervous energy. Of course, I might have gone a bit overboard, as I spent a fortune kitting out the baby’s room. I probably overdid the blue motif as well. Everything was in blue and white, including wallpaper, curtains, carpet and cot furnishings. Even the light bulbs had a blue tinge!

Although it may have been a bit over the top, I know many first-time parents who have invested more on decorating the nursery than on the rest of the house! But that usually only happens with the first child – we tend to scale down expenses for our second and subsequent offspring.

Two years later, when we received the joyful news that we would be expecting a girl, Mary, I wanted to redecorate, but on a budget. Here is how I did it.

Recycling Old Pieces

I wanted to give the “old” nursery a lift without getting rid of too many things. After all, I had spent so much time and money on the first go around, I wanted to still use a lot of what I had previously bought! I opted for a bright canary yellow colour instead of baby pink. That way, I could keep some of the blue items because blue and yellow go very well together. The cot, plain white wardrobe and small set of white drawers were all recyclable, which was great! They just needed a new paint job.

Style Sense: Decorating the Nursery

Style Sense: Decorating the Nursery

The Highlights

The important part of designing any room is to have a few key pieces that stand out. You want your child to be visually stimulated without putting them on overload. For example, don’t plaster all the walls with animals and cartoon drawings because it will be too busy. I bought the following to help pull the room together:

  • Ceiling lamp and lampshade with Smiley Sun motif – canary yellow – 40 pounds
  • Cot blanket and matching small pillow – canary yellow and white – 40 pounds
  • Rug for nursery floor – white with canary yellow motif of a little girl – 25 pounds
  • My favourite – white and canary yellow rocking chair – 50 pounds
  • And last, but not least, a bit of DIY! A name plaque for the door made from a canvas material and painted wooden letters – 20 pounds.

Take your Time

You have nine months to decide how you would like to decorate! Don’t feel like you have to make snap decisions. Take your time. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in the nursery, and you’ll want to enjoy your surroundings.

How would you decorate your child’s nursery?

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