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Mother and Baby

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04Apr 15

The Stork Has Landed


Well, here we are with our new arrival. A perfect little baby girl named Bonnie. She was born at home five weeks ago, and made it just in time for lunch. She is everything I could have hoped for and more, and we are all so in love with her. There she was, and there Teddy was, and my love was doubled and my worries were halved.
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A wise lady once told me; “you would never believe how much you can bond with other women over babies”. And she was right. Little Delilah was born two weeks before Bonnie, to my very special friend Al and her equally lovely husband Sean. She is a real little beauty and the image of her Mum. Al and I have been friends since we bonded over our matching Shoe Express lace ups in year seven of school, and have grown up together, always with matching albeit tasteless items of clothing and footwear in close range. Despite having featured on Magaluf Uncovered 2003 together, partying at the world’s biggest popcorn event, nothing could make me feel closer to a friend than the experience of having our two lovely girls. It’s also been fantastic getting to know all our new NCT Mummy friends, who have kept me going with their amusing messages about “poonamis” and other such baby related disasters. I have felt so proud of each of them with the arrival of their gorgeous little bundles. And if lucky little Bonnie didn’t have enough chums already, her circle of friends continues to boom! Gorgeous baby Freya was born to the lovely Lucy, her sister Beth is expecting any day now, and my friend Hannah had the beautiful Tamsin who was an impressive 11lb 15 (muchos respect to you Hannah)!


As perfect as she is, little Bonnie did keep us waiting for a few extra days, despite me having been convinced that she would arrive early. This turned out to be a real blessing and Teddy and I spent the start of my maternity leave having some Mother and son bonding time. We also had a lot of preparation to do and would often be found in our kitchen slaving away. I remembered that it had been really difficult to cook with a new baby, and not being a fan of le take away, I got it into my head that I MUST. MAKE. PIES. And that said pies must be made in individual portions. We spent a good day hauling ourselves around the shops looking for small pie dishes. We then spent another day making pies. Cue ten pies later and we safely wrapped them up and lovingly placed them in the freezer. A few days later I noticed that the floor was a bit slippy… the freezer had defrosted. Presuming that I had left the door open in my pie making haste, I made more food. After a week of only eating pie whilst desperately freezing more food, I noticed the same. Ten pies, five portions of homemade ravioli, a hulk of cauliflower cheese and three quiches later I settled for the fact that the freezer was indeed broken, and my nesting had failed me.


Given that we clearly could not prepare for the arrival of Bonnie with our culinary whizz, Teddy and I decided that the only self respecting thing to do was to be well groomed. I have always cut Teddy’s hair at home, and so this is where we began. Having mislaid my hairdressing scissors, I reached for the kitchen scissors instead. Hacking away at Teddy’s hair I soon realised that he was beginning to look like a Dickensian street urchin, and so we booked him in to the aptly named Suave; a very trendy grooming salon for the discerning gent, or in this case, toddler. We were very well looked after by not one, but four rather dapper chaps, and Teddy’s hair now looks more war time chic than bland and bleak.


One place I have been spending a LOT of time is at Revive, my local beauticians. Some of my colleagues were amused when I told them how I intended to prep for the baby; a facial, mani- pedi, and eyelash extensions. However, I do believe it’s important to do whatever you can to make yourself feel nice, whatever that may be. For me, it was lovely to know that even though I couldn’t manage to put my make up on, I had some good old fake lashes to keep me going for a while.


I had been worried about Teddy’s potential reaction to having a new brother or sister, but thankfully his new ‘do, or perhaps all that pie, seemed to do the trick. He has been totally and utterly enamoured by her and is constantly kissing and cuddling her. He ferociously guards her things, and refuses for anyone to play with her toys but her. A well heard phrase in our house has become “can I hold her?? Please Mummy!!”! At times, he becomes somewhat conflicted about his feelings. I caught him on one occasion looking so overwhelmed by his love for her, planting a big kiss on her head, then turning away, looking confused, going back in for the kiss and… spitting on her instead.


So now I am waiting for us to get into a little routine so that I can start to spend some time on my third baby, Theodore By Coco. And now that I have a boy and a girl, I will of course have to reconsider my tagline of “little clothes for little boys”. Am very much looking forward to lovely summer days of chunky little legs in smocked rompers and frilly bloomers!


Well, I had better finish there whilst my house is still in some relative peace. Hopefully I will soon actually make it out of the house so that I have some amusing tales for you all.


Coco xx


PS: For those of you who are desperately searching for footage, I believe that, despite being much anticipated by all, Magaluf Uncovered 2003 sadly never went to air.


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