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23Dec 14

Ho Ho Ho!

Well today we reached a milestone in our house . A very happy young Teddy amused himself whilst I sorted the kitchen out. “I should probably check on him” I pondered, but enjoying the peace, decided to be convinced by his happy little chatters. Several minutes later I walked in to what can only be described as a the epitomy of a Toddler Moment; my (new) dining table  covered in scribbles. Whilst I scrubbed said table, Teddy was banished to the hallowed ground of the naughty step. To add insult to (table) injury, he sat there merrily doing impressions of me: “don’t you DARE!” (do I really talk like that?)! “Get on the naughty step this instant.” Hm.

Now it has been some time since I have uploaded a new blog entry and there are two reasons for this. Firstly, now that I am in my third trimester I am su-uuper tired and the strains of a job (albeit part time), a household and a very active toddler are beginning to take their toll on me. no-one told me it would be so tiring?! The main reason however, is that I am having a blogger’s nightmare: my computer keyoard has broken. So I am currently writing this blog without any spaces, ‘Vs’ or ‘Bs’ before I upload it onto hubby’s iPad to tweak. Phewf. Whilst I have been putting off this somewhat labouring task, I have been getting crafty in time for Christmas…

The first of my craft tasks was to make Christmas decorations. This was so much easier than I expected and Teddy and I had a lot of fun making them together. We used a simple salt dough recipe (one cup of flour to one cup of salt and enough water to make the mixture doughy but not sticky). We then moulded the dough into some of Teddy’s favourite shapes: this was mainly snakes of course with a few foxes thrown in. We heated them at 100 degrees and when they were cool, painted them with pearlescent acrylic paints and topped them off with pearl gems and glitter. Now we have some sparkly homemade gems adorning our tree and we have given them to friends and neighours as little Christmas gifts from Teddy. I am just hoping no-one eats them by mistake…

Once the decorations were finished I was feeling inspired, so watched an online tutorial on wreath making and ordered myself a bunch of floristry stuff. I made two wreaths: one for my Mum and one for us, and I felt so festive and Christmassy when they were finished. Whether these poor fellows will survive a slight breeze is yet to be seen, but this is something that I am definitely planning on making a Cristmas tradition, and hopefully next year they will look a little more professional.




Not content with going to bed at 11pm every night covered in glitter and tree sap, I also decided to make some Christmas clobber for my young man. Cue a new design for Theodore By Coco in a seasonal red and blue faric and lined in a jolly Santa red. I am rather fearful that said dungarees shall not be worn however, as I may be expecting Father Christmas to bring, oh I don’t know- some Gruffalo clothing, which I would imagine to be a priority wear for a certain young fan… It was lovely going to task on a new design and after Christmas I am going to make it my misison to create some little matching spring outfits for Teddy and the baby.

I have been super keen on immersing Teddy in Christmas wonder and merriment, and there have been so many lovely events on. whilst I have struggled to get to some due to feeling, well, too impregnanted to walk around them, I have been able to take him to quite a few. It has left me wondering who Christmas is really for? Apart from the Man Upstairs of course. Last week we drove about 80 miles to take Teddy on a Santa Train with two of his little friends who live close by. All three boys looked DISGUSTED when Father Christmas arrived in our carriage and disturbed them eating sandwhiches, and their digust turned to pure disinterst when he handed them each a puzzle. Later that evening Teddy hid under my bed covers and declared “Teddy’s scared of Father Christmas”! Father Christmas won him round somewhat when he visited nursery last week and gave Teddy a toy train, only to disappoint him further today at the local reindeer farm with his “scary reindeer”, terror inducing fairground rides and his dreaded donkeys. Perhaps it is a good thing that I have been unable to take him to everything, although we also have a few pantomimes and the Chester Zoo lantern walk to go on over the festive season. I suppose the thought of celebrating a stranger coming down your chimney and plying you with gifts is a little scary, so let’s take a positive from all this and commend Teddy for his safety instincts.


Well, I will be speaking with you all again after Christmas, when the festive cheer has mellowed and my Christmas Crafts have turned into mouldy silhouttes of their former selves. In the meantime, if anyone needs tips on removing biro from pine, I am now an expert.

Merry Christmas One and All!

Coco xxx

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