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Mother and Baby

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December, 2014

23 Dec 14

Ho Ho Ho!

Well today we reached a milestone in our house . A very happy young Teddy amused himself whilst I sorted the kitchen out. “I should probably check on him” I pondered, but enjoying the peace, decided to be convinced by his happy little chatters. Several minutes later I walked in to what can only be described as a the epitomy of a Toddler Moment; my (new) dining table  covered in scribbles. Whilst I scrubbed said table, Teddy was banished to the hallowed ground of the naughty step. To add insult to (table) injury, he sat there merrily doing impressions of me: “don’t you DARE!” (do I really talk like that?)! “Get on the naughty step this instant.” Hm. Now it has been some time since I have uploaded a new blog entry and there are two reasons for this. Firstly, now that I am in my third trimester I am […]

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