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Mother and Baby

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20Nov 14

In My Pants


Well this week I am starting to look decidedly impregnated and I have been flagging. It makes me wonder how I will hold out for maternity leave until early February. The upside of this is that people have obviously decided it’s safe to assume I am pregnant and be really lovely to me! The downside is for poor Teddy who is being encouraged to take lots of naps with Mummy.

A gentle activity we have recently adopted is visiting our local farm where we can take our old vegetable scraps and feed the hungry goats (the pigs even once got champagne truffles; third world pig problems). On a little outing there last week young Teddy decided to revoke his potty training regime and do not one, but two wees in the car. We arrived to pick Nana up beforehand when I discovered said wees and asked “Teddy; have you done a wee wee”? “Yes” he exclaimed proudly, beaming away in the back. To add insult to injury he then began STRAINING. Lovely. Cue a furious Mummy who dragged him into Nana’s house in the nick of time. Afterwards I sat him down in front of his grandparents and asked him sternly, waggling finger at the ready; “Teddy, where do we do wee wees?” to which he replied “In my pants in the car”. Showed me.

A beautiful afternoon at the farm

A beautiful afternoon at the farm

I’m getting to a very hormonal time in my pregnancy. I do love a good tear jerker at the best of times, but the beginning of my third trimester coinciding with the beginning of Christmas merriment (with THAT Sainsbury’s ad) is probably not a good thing. But what has really set me off lately is the lovely staff at M&S. I always find them very helpful and friendly, but they really topped themselves this week. My lovely brave Grandma has recently had a mastectomy and went to Marks and Spencer for a bra fitting. As she was leaving the fitting rooms she was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that one of the fitting room ladies had bought for her. Then when she went to pay she was given a generous discount. This has me in floods of tears every time I even think about it, and I am just so touched that someone would go out of their way to do such a kind thing.

On a more superficial note, I have been trying to pamper myself and am taking some time to feel nice. I have discovered the BEST fake tan in existence. Now, I have tried a lot of fake tans, so take my word for it when I say this is worth purchasing. I read about the Brownberry NYC fake tan and had been itching to try it after hearing that it dries in seconds, smells of green tea and doesn’t stain your clothes or sheets- i.e. all the glamour and none of the flip sides of home tanning?! Yes please! It was quite a job to track this down (it’s sold out in the US and has been sold out on topshop.com) but I managed to find some on a website called beautymart. And it was well worth the wait. Don’t get me wrong, my application still leaves something to be desired and I will no doubt always look like I need to see a dermatologist pronto, but it really does dry so quickly and my clothes and sheets are totally unmarked. I was probably a little heavy going with my first try and I detected a very slight whiff of tan, but other than that I just smell… normal!

Donning my tan and KG boots with my boys

Donning my tan and KG boots with my boys

A few other things have revolutionised my life recently; a whisk (I’ve never had one before!), a new mattress topper (oh my!), and Mimi Holliday nursing bras. I decided I may as well plump for nursing bras now rather than buy for pregnancy and post pregnancy, and Mimi’s silk offerings are surprisingly beautiful and really comfortable. I would definitely recommend them to any other expectant or nursing Mums.  

I want to finish with a few words in defence of motherhood.  Now I tend to find a lot of parenting articles and blogs quite heavy going; either downplaying all the tricky bits of rearing children and making everyone else feel like they’re doing a dreadful job (I call these the ‘Blueberry Brigade’), or basically moaning about how awful life is with children. I have never intended for What Teddy Wore Next to be either of these things, and I basically just like chatting. But after clicking on a Facebook link suggested to me (not sure why?!), the general theme of which was how mothers should “look after” their man even though their bodies are horribly ruined and they are wretchedly tired. Is it just me, or are we looking back on our pre- baby years with rose tinted spectacles? Whilst I felt it at the time, I am pretty sure that there was nothing glamorous about a twenty year old me trotting about in a pair of six inch heels and no coat in the middle of January. And at least now when I stare, defeated in the mirror at my tummy rolls a little hand comes and drags me away. Of course Mums get covered in spaghetti from time to time, but it’s surely better than stinking of someone else’s cigarettes after a night out? I can honestly say that now is probably the time in my life that I have felt most feminine.

On that somewhat serious note I am now off to apply more tan (and avoid the Christmas ads)!

Coco xxx


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