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Mother and Baby

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07Nov 14


Well hello all, Coco here! Welcome to my new blog, where I shall be wittering about our adventures as a little family and our (at times unsuccessful) ventures into the world of free from cooking. A little about me: I am a working Mum based oop North, with a gorgeous little two year old lovingly known as Teddy, and an expanding bump containing a baby of unknown flavour. Our mission is to launch our little brand Theodore By Coco, inspired by my love of traditional styles for little boys.


It has been a week of nesting in our household this week. When I was pregnant with Teddy I had so much to prepare; we had recently moved into our house and had not a stitch of baby gear. This time around we have everything that we need, and so my nesting (and spending) urges are really being left un- catered for. Cue my electric mixer which has really saved my bacon/ chocolate muffins on this one. I literally cannot stop baking and cooking. The problem is there isn’t anyone to eat it, so hubby and I have been traipsing all my baked goods into our respective work places. As Teddy is allergic to milk and soya, I adapt everything so that he can eat all that we have in the house. As you can imagine this is rather frustrating when he decides he doesn’t want it. Our winners this week have been chicken and mushroom pie and banana loaves (yes loaves, there have been five of them). Teddy has also got the culinary bug. Today unbeknownst to me he snuck into the fridge and started launching various vegetables at me demanding “COOK IT”! I’ve also been working hard trying to perfect a pregnancy look. Considering that it isn’t exactly a rare occurrence for a woman to be pregnant, it continues to amaze me how utterly unflattering most maternity clothes are. I would like to confront whoever designs these garments as to why they are obsessed with that hateful material: jersey. Yes, cling to my tummy and let everyone see how my baby is blossoming. But please stop designing things that highlight my blossoming derriere!! I have decided that it is definitely best to concentrate on accessories, and have splashed out on two pairs of over knee boots from the Kurt Geiger and Carvella sale which I ADORE.   On the subject of pregnancy, Teddy is still trying to come to terms with having a new little brother or sister. I was thinking about this; it really must be confusing for a two year old to imagine their whole little world changing. So I am hoping when the baby comes he will see that it is all actually OK and probably rather good fun. But for now, I think I will have to continue hearing such suggestions as the baby drinking only coke instead of “Teddy’s milk”.

Last week saw Teddy’s first trick or treating event. I was hoping that my first blog would be about a lovely little pair of smocked dungarees that I made, or a nice picture of Teddy donning a pea coat, but no, today I will be telling you about… DR DEATH!! It was something of an impromptu trip so I didn’t have any costume prepared. I had a gorilla outfit stashed away for Christmas and decided that this warranted breaking it free. The poor child was utterly terrified by it. No matter how much I tried to pin him down and bribe him with taunts such as “oh I’ll have to give it to the baby and the baby will wear it home from the hospital”, he continued to refuse to wear it. In fact, in a not unusual stance, he refused to wear anything at all. When it came to the make- up however, this child was game, and he took great delight in the application of lipstick, talcum powder and excessive amounts of kohl eyeliner. After then suggesting a vintage Victorian outfit I managed to scramble together, he eventually agreed to wear his doctors’ outfit. Well, I’m not sure how I really feel about encouraging my child to knock on strangers’ doors and to ask for sweets, but he seemed to enjoy it, and even refused to leave one residence when an unassuming man announced that he didn’t have any goodies!


We started our family venture Theodore By Coco about a year ago. I had been disheartened with boys clothing since Teddy was born. Whilst there always seemed to be row upon row of frilly delights for little girls, as well as exclusive brands with smocked dresses and chintzy prints, the offerings for boys always seemed somewhat meagre in comparison. I never wanted to dress my little boy like a middle aged rambler, nor a young teen on his way to a night club. I loved the traditional rompers and peter pan collars, but boutique prices and explosive nappies do not go together well. So, one day I decided that was it- I was going to start my own brand. A brand exclusively for little boys, traditional but fun and practical, and most importantly, affordable. It’s been a steep learning curve and I have made some pretty unusual looking pieces along the way, but we finally feel that we are ready to go. We just need to find someone to make them, which is more difficult than I could have anticipated. There is so much in the media about the lack of British made products, but getting a British manufacturer to even reply to me has been hard work! 2014-05-16 00.48.40 2014-05-15 11.00.13 2014-05-16 00.48.27


So, we will keep on plodding along and hope our venture succeeds! And in the meantime there is plenty of banana loaf to keep us going Coco xx

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