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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with Pregnancy

09 Sep 13

Twin-to-Twin-Transfusion – a difficult journey.

So what do you do when told you’re expecting twins? You spend hours staring fixedly at that fuzzy black and white picture of two little lives growing inside your tummy, shaking your head in disbelief. Every so often you reach for the accompanying letter, reading the medical terminology over and over, waiting for it to sink in. I immediately contacted everyone I knew with twins (I was lucky: a very good friend was in exactly the same position, and my sister-in-law had just had twins, too). They told me that the best book to buy for good, solid info was Twins & Multiple Births by GP Dr Carol Cooper, herself a mother of twins. Then, in my case, you spot the words ‘monochorionic diamniotic’ on the letter and start googling. I soon discovered that my two little babies were sharing the same placenta (monochorionic, meaning one placenta), but each had […]

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16 Aug 13

Double Hormones Double ‘Fun’!

LJ. The vomiting began very quickly. In fact, I knew I was pregnant because as soon as I missed a period, I felt queasy. And the sickness got worse as the pregnancy progressed. It was like being seasick, but you cannot get off the boat. The only time my partner ever had any sympathy for my relentless morning sickness – which I re-named All Day Sickness – was when he was reading a newspaper on the bus to the Sydney CBD. I’d told him it felt like being really, really car sick, all the time. And so, reading the sports section he began to feel ill. Then he told himself, ‘Oh, this is what she means.’ And so he stopped reading on the bus. Simple. Luckily, or unluckily, I had been retrenched from my TV reporting job – you haven’t lived in the TV industry if you haven’t been retrenched […]

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