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Mother and Baby

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23Sep 13

They can’t be twins – they don’t look the same!

Most twins are fraternal, which means two eggs, two separate sacs – a little like ordinary siblings who happened to be conceived and born at the same time.  Yet, because identical twins are the ones that people notice, those folk who are slightly clueless about twins find it very hard to believe that somebody can be a twin and NOT look exactly the same.  My twin boys are fraternal. When they were new born I would deal with comments such as ‘How do you tell them apart?” with the smarty pants response, “Well, one is blond, the other is brunette.”  Those comments were usually made by people who think that ALL newsborns look the same.  One of the advantages in having fraternal twins is that you could dress them in identical clothes without the fear of people mixing them up!

But as my twins grew, and their differences became more obvious – ie one was larger with big, blue eyes, the other smaller with hazel eyes – people would actually quiz me about whether they really were twins at all.  “I’ve got the stretch marks to prove it,” I’d say. “Oh, and the charming C-section birth photos.” Now my twins are older, they are the ones fending off the comments, instead of me.  Twin 1 often has people say, “You can’t be twins. Your brother is so much taller than you?”  Twin 2 gets comments such as, “But your hair is a different colour, you’re taller and you’re a better footy player! You can’t be twins!”  These days I just tell my twins to bedazzle those that make the ‘you can’t be twins’ comments with their amazing general knowledge of all things twins: “Only 11% of twins are identical. The rest are fraternal. Like us. Fraternals don’t look the same. Get it?”

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