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Mother and Baby

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August, 2013

19 Aug 13

Twins in the 1940s

My father is a twin, born in the 1940s, a time when ultrasound was a faraway dream and his mother, Nelma, ‘knew’ there were two babies inside her but doctors could not confirm if this was a reality.  She gave birth to my uncle first and told the doctors, “There’s another one in there!” “Don’t be silly, dear” said the doctor. But 90 minutes later, my father arrived and my poor grandmother managed to lose her eyesight for several days (something to do with high blood pressure).  She told a story that the only way she could tell the boys apart was by touching the little beanies they were wearing to keep their bald heads warm. Back then, twins were something of a rarity – particularly my father and uncle who were known as ‘mirror twins’…the rarest kind of twin.  One was left handed, the other right handed. One had […]

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16 Aug 13

Double Hormones Double ‘Fun’!

LJ. The vomiting began very quickly. In fact, I knew I was pregnant because as soon as I missed a period, I felt queasy. And the sickness got worse as the pregnancy progressed. It was like being seasick, but you cannot get off the boat. The only time my partner ever had any sympathy for my relentless morning sickness – which I re-named All Day Sickness – was when he was reading a newspaper on the bus to the Sydney CBD. I’d told him it felt like being really, really car sick, all the time. And so, reading the sports section he began to feel ill. Then he told himself, ‘Oh, this is what she means.’ And so he stopped reading on the bus. Simple. Luckily, or unluckily, I had been retrenched from my TV reporting job – you haven’t lived in the TV industry if you haven’t been retrenched […]

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12 Aug 13

You’re having TWINS!!

LJ:  The best thing about parenting twins is also the worst thing about parenting twins – there are two of them.  It’s incredibly difficult having two babies when, like me, you’re a first time clueless mother who didn’t know what to do with one baby.  But I found myself actually feeling sorry for parents that only had one because twins are just so incredibly gorgeous! If you’re like me, you developed TWIN EGO from the moment you learnt you were expecting twins.  I’m not frightened to admit that I had an attitude from the day a sonographer told me, “Yes, you’re right! It’s twins”. I knew it.  My mother was told by a psychic many years ago that her daughter with long blond hair would have twin boys. The British psychic was ‘in hiding’ in West Australia in the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death because the media were hounding her […]

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