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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with Moses basket

10 Dec 13

A whimsical hanging baby cradle

I’ve always liked the idea of a hanging baby cradle. We used a cot for our daughter Hannah when she was an infant, and while it worked out perfectly fine, I think I would insist on a hanging cradle for her first months of life if I could go back in time. They just seem so peaceful, almost romantic, with baby snuggled inside and gently swinging back and forth. I suppose it’s the same sensation that we adults get when looking at a hammock – complete relaxation. Cot vs. crib vs. basket When we were pregnant with our now 3-year-old Hannah, we assumed that we had to buy a Moses basket or crib in addition to a cot because of the size difference. It was hard to imagine such a little baby sleeping in such a big cot! But while baskets and cradles are perfectly acceptable furniture for babies, it […]

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