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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with child’s health

12 Nov 13

Non-contact thermometers for children

Our nearly 3-year-old daughter Hannah caught the flu or something like it a few months ago. She was miserable, and Chris and I as first-time parents were equally miserable, forced to watch our little one feel ill and uncomfortable. After coming home from the doctor with a prescription for fluids and bed rest, we tried to make her as comfortable as possible, which meant letting her sleep undisturbed. But we also needed to take her temperature to make sure it wasn’t on the rise, so checking her with our ear thermometer wasn’t ideal. What we needed was a non-contact thermometer! Measuring forehead temperature The ear thermometer also wasn’t nice because Hannah’s ears were sore (along with her throat and entire body!). Searching around in a pinch, we found the Brother Max Non-Contact Thermometer, which has got to be one of the cleverest gadgets for parents out there. By holding and […]

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