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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with bath time

30 Sep 13

Bath temperature thermometers for babies

Using the right bath temperature for babies is very important. Infants cannot regulate their body temperature like adults, so it is important that the bath water is not too hot and not too cold. Bath time is also an intimate bonding moment between parents and children, so you want to make sure your baby is comfortable and not left with a chill. When our daughter was a newborn we bathed her in the kitchen sink, so to warm up the draughty kitchen, we used my grandmother’s trick of turning on the oven. For the water, we knew that we could pour it on our inner wrists and elbows to make sure it was not too hot for Hannah. The problem was that Chris and I prefer to have scalding showers, so we feared our tolerance was too high to accurately judge the right temperature for our newborn daughter. Bath temperature thermometer To […]

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05 Aug 13

Fun with Skip Hop Dunck: Bath Time Toys

Bath time is such a special bonding time between parents and their children. It’s an intimate moment to play and communicate with your newborn. That’s why bath toys are so key! The tub is not only for hygiene but also for play! And since infants should not be left alone in the water, creative and entertaining toys will help both parents and children to have a fantastic time. Jan and I established a bedtime ritual with our daughter from a very early age to help establish a consistent sleep schedule. One of the components of our daily routine is bath time, which I would describe as easily one of the best parts of my day! During the day I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like with my child, and bath time is something that Jan and I can do together as parents. That increases the […]

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