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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with baby equipment

16 Jul 13

The five characteristics of a perfect pushchair

Buying a buggy can be a big decision! Most parents must think for a few weeks before purchasing the perfect pushchair ahead of their little one’s arrival. There are so many makes and models, that it can be extremely difficult to choose just the right one. First-time parents often leave stores with their heads spinning after listening to the sales person chatting on about all the different options. Each parent has his or her own needs and wants, and this baby equipment is a quality investment. Therefore, I recommend taking your time to choose the perfect model for you. Here are examples of some features that you may not have thought about and that I certainly couldn’t live without: Features of the perfect pushchair Machine-washable fabric. Babies can be messy! They will drool, dribble and spit up all over the place. Being able to easily remove the fabric from the […]

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