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Mother and Baby

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28 Sep 13

‘Swaddle Love’: Swaddling tips for new parents

Autumn seems to be the season for new babies. We always know more than a few people who have just had a baby or who are due to give birth come this time of year. That means lots of baby shower and christening presents for us to shop for! I adore shopping for newborns – all those tiny playsuits, bootees, bibs and hats – but knowing full well that having a newborn can be daunting, I usually like to give nervous new parents something that helps them too. One aspect that I remember intimidated us when our daughter Hannah was born was swaddling. Were we wrapping her too tightly? Too loosely? How could we tell? Swaddling benefits Swaddling, a practice in which a newborn is wrapped tightly in a cloth or blanket, is an age-old tradition for a reason – it really works! It provides your baby with a feeling of […]

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20 Sep 13

Sleep easier with baby movement monitors

It wasn’t too long ago that baby monitors were very basic technology. The monitors did nothing but transmit sound, and even that they sometimes did not do so well, with the crackles and pops of the speaker often mixing in with your baby’s gurgles and coos. But as technology has become smarter, so have baby monitors. They are not just for audio anymore, though the sound quality has certainly improved. Now, there are baby movement monitors in addition to audio and video monitors. Some even monitor the nursery’s temperature! Monitoring baby’s movement We first learned about baby movement monitors when Jane was pregnant with Hannah. As first-time parents, the worry of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, was big in our minds, so we intended to buy a monitor with video in order to always keep an eye on our newborn. Instead, we came across this baby movement  and sound […]

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05 Sep 13

No numbers here! A child’s alarm clock that teaches night and day

It’s no secret that children’s sleep schedules are very different from their parents’. Generally, little ones go to bed and wake up earlier than adults, sleeping anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a night, depending on the child’s age and sleep habits. When our daughter Hannah was a newborn, she sure slept a lot, clocking in 20 hours of shut-eye a day sometimes! Young children also wake up more often during the night as they transition between REM sleep and non-REM sleep stages. Adults wake up too during these transitions, but we wake up and fall asleep again so fast that we rarely remember doing it. Babies and toddlers are still learning, so many times they have trouble soothing themselves back to sleep like adults can. Unfortunately for us tired adults, when the little one is up, so are the parents. Child’s Alarm Clock For children who wake early, night and […]

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27 Aug 13

Cupcakes, Castles and Clouds: Wall Stickers for Kids

Our two-year-old daughter is quite the little artist. She absolutely loves to draw. Not long after introduced crayons to her, Hannah began churning out multiple works of colourful art a week, all of which we proudly display throughout the house. Those dozen or so crayons are some of her most prized possessions. Like most toddlers, however, Hannah also loves to try new things, and she has lately taken to drawing on the walls. Our white walls must have looked so similar to the white paper she was colouring on, it was only natural to move her artwork there next. It has only happened once – red and purple scribbles up and down our living room wall! – but she has tried to do it many times since. We thought about ways to solve this problem while still encouraging her creativity and found that wall stickers for kids are a perfect […]

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19 Aug 13

Stylish mums choose this overnight changing bag from MabyLand

Whether using disposable or cloth nappies, an overnight changing bag is a necessity for all parents with young children. We like taking our daughter Hannah out for strolls in her pushchair, and our sweetpea bag works well for both daily excursions and overnight trips. We take this bag everywhere. It definitely has gotten its fair share of use! In my opinion, Jan packs way more than I think is necessary. That said, she is always prepared! When Hannah spills her bottle, Jan has wet wipes to clean it up. When she sneezes, Jan has at least five packs of tissues to clean up her runny nose. When Hannah drops her teething ring on the ground, Hannah has at least two replacements. So in order to be prepared, we needed a big bag! Practical Pouch As always, practicality is key. We always appreciate well-thought out products that are specially designed for […]

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15 Aug 13

Funky Feet: Patriotic Shoes for Kids

When I was a single girl, I had quite the shoe collection! It may seem cliché, but I loved having the perfect pair of heels, boots or flats for every occasion. Once I was married and had children, I had to cut back a bit on my collection. And as with most of my mum friends, I no longer shop for myself, but rather for my little ones! So as you may imagine, my children have shoe closets that are not easily rivalled! Children grow so fast, which can be both a blessing and a curse. On the bright side, I always have an excuse to take them shoe shopping. On the other hand, in addition to the expense, it also pains me to have to donate a cute pair that they have outgrown! UK Pride The UK has had a lot to celebrate the past few years. We celebrated […]

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10 Aug 13

Baby photo albums to brag about

Chris and I are definitely not old-fashioned. We are both on Facebook and are addicted to our iPhones! I would like to think that we are modern parents who know what’s up in the world. But we haven’t outgrown our photo albums. I’ve seen lots of interesting digital photo frames that flash a new picture every 30 seconds, and although I see their merit, I still love printing out photos to scrapbook or stick in picture frames. My mum still cherishes my baby book, “The book of firsts”. In it, she has photos of my first bath, first step, first time on the slide, etc. Those memories are special, and when we get together, we often stroll through memory lane by turning the pages together. It’s a special bonding time that I hope I can have with my children when they are older! Specially-designed Baby Photo Albums The creators of […]

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05 Aug 13

Fun with Skip Hop Dunck: Bath Time Toys

Bath time is such a special bonding time between parents and their children. It’s an intimate moment to play and communicate with your newborn. That’s why bath toys are so key! The tub is not only for hygiene but also for play! And since infants should not be left alone in the water, creative and entertaining toys will help both parents and children to have a fantastic time. Jan and I established a bedtime ritual with our daughter from a very early age to help establish a consistent sleep schedule. One of the components of our daily routine is bath time, which I would describe as easily one of the best parts of my day! During the day I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like with my child, and bath time is something that Jan and I can do together as parents. That increases the […]

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01 Aug 13

The baby shower gift you would love to receive!

July always seems to be full of baby showers! I know at least 4 girlfriends who are expecting in the autumn, and they all had showers this month! I adore this traditional party because it is the perfect opportunity to help the mother-to-be prepare for her newborn and give her advice if she is a first-time parent. However, I must say that finding a suitable baby shower gift is quite difficult. Pushchairs, prams, and cribs are all long-term investments that parents most likely would like to choose for themselves. In addition, a purchase like that is quite expensive, and with four baby showers coming up, I simply cannot afford that luxury. Clothes are another option, but children grow so fast, that it pains me to buy something the child will only be able to wear for a few months. I also don’t want to buy clothes for future use when […]

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16 Jul 13

The five characteristics of a perfect pushchair

Buying a buggy can be a big decision! Most parents must think for a few weeks before purchasing the perfect pushchair ahead of their little one’s arrival. There are so many makes and models, that it can be extremely difficult to choose just the right one. First-time parents often leave stores with their heads spinning after listening to the sales person chatting on about all the different options. Each parent has his or her own needs and wants, and this baby equipment is a quality investment. Therefore, I recommend taking your time to choose the perfect model for you. Here are examples of some features that you may not have thought about and that I certainly couldn’t live without: Features of the perfect pushchair Machine-washable fabric. Babies can be messy! They will drool, dribble and spit up all over the place. Being able to easily remove the fabric from the […]

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