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Mother and Baby

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28Nov 13

Baby floor seats with back support

Our daughter Hannah loved to be held as an infant, which is why Chris and I invested in a baby ring sling to free up my hands so that I could do things around the house while still having her close.

But even with my hands free, there are simply some things for which I needed to put her down. This was easier when she was younger, as she was usually perfectly content to stare at the ceiling for a few minutes while I finished a task.

But as she grew older and could support her head, I needed to keep her entertained, so we began look at options for baby floor seats so that she could sit up and look around.

Cushi Tushi baby seat. Ours is in the Multi-Mix colour, unlike this green variety.

The Cushi Tushi baby seat. Ours is in the Multi-Mix colour, unlike this green version.

Back support

We’re always searching for products made in the UK, so the Cushi Tushi baby seat caught our eye. We also liked that it is paediatrician-approved because of its high supportive back, so we bought one in the multi-mix colour (I thought it would hide stains better than a solid colour).

The texture of the seat is soft, almost like foam. Hannah’s legs had more than enough wiggle room, and the seat left enough space for her to easily turn around to look at things. I would set her on the floor with a variety of toys spread out in front of her on the tray while I attended to something else, and this set-up usually kept her preoccupied enough to thwart any tears.

The chair is solid, which ensured Hannah never tipped over, yet it is amazingly lightweight at less than 800 grams because it is made from a special material used in the automotive industry. This made it easy to carry around to friends’ houses for visits. It was especially useful during a few family picnics outdoors.

Feeding time

When we weaned her from breast-feeding and later when we transitioned her to solid foods, the seat served as her dinner table during feeding time. It’s easy to wipe down, but what I appreciated most was that it is dishwasher-safe, so I could stick the tray in with the rest of our dirty dishes and forget about it for a while.

It also worked well at corralling Hannah after she started to crawl. Sometimes, she was so quick that it was impossible to keep an eye on her while doing something else, such as preparing food or making a phone call.

At nearly three years old, Hannah is much too big for the seat now, but it is still in excellent shape. Maybe one day soon we’ll have reason to use it again…!

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