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06Nov 13

Goodbye complicated car seats! Hello easy installation!

For new parents, there is a certain responsibility to show off your little one to your family and friends. Everyone is excited to meet your new addition, which can mean a fair amount overnight guests or car journeys with baby for years to come.

We certainly have experienced this with our nearly 3-year-old Hannah. Both Jane and my parents live a few hours’ drive from our house, so we knew from the beginning that we would need a sturdy and reliable car seat for our precious cargo.

Infant car seats

Friends of ours had a child about a year before we had Hannah, and I remember how frustrating it was for them to set up their first forward-facing car seat. The instruction manual was useless and the car seat installation wasn’t intuitive, so they were forced to take it to the local fire station to ask for help.

Now, while Jane is a saint with loads of patience, I have very little of the stuff for things that are unnecessarily complicated. So when it was time to look for one a few weeks before Hannah was born, I was set on finding a car seat that was easy to install.

That’s how I found the Cosatto car seats. What caught my attention was their rear-facing infant car seat system – the seat clicks into place on the car base, which meant getting Hannah in and out of the car was a breeze. The set-up was simple for me to do, and I knew Jane would like the fun colours and patterns available.

Scootle Group 1, 2, 3 Car Seat

Scootle Group 1, 2, 3 Car Seat

Forward-facing car seats

Once Hannah was ready to graduate to a forward-facing car seat, we decided to stick with Cosatto, and we settled on the red polka-dotted Scottle seat. Every bit of this seat is well-cushioned, including the seat and the straps. Once again, it was simple for me to install, and Jane as well as Hannah appreciated the pattern. Even I have to admit that the polka dots are more fun to look at than the usual black or dark blue car seats that you see.

With its side impact protection system and adjustable seat angle, recline and headrest, it really is like the Lamborghini of car seats. Jane and I certainly didn’t enjoy this kind of comfort when we were children in a car seat!

But besides wanting the best for Hannah, this seat was a prudent investment – because it’s adjustable, we can use it until she’s ready to graduate to riding in a car without a seat. With how quickly time is passing, that could be very soon!

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