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30Oct 13

Baby ring slings: Convenient, comfortable and colourful!

You are never more aware of the fact that you only have two hands than when you have a baby. Our daughter Hannah loved to be held as an infant, so a pushchair wasn’t always ideal. This meant that I had to juggle holding her and doing things that required my hands, such as preparing food, housework, paying bills, or reading a book. Multitasking like that as a first-time parent wasn’t easy!

So, my husband Chris and I searched for a baby carrier solution, and that’s when we discovered baby ring slings. With a sling, Hannah could be snuggled against me while I walked, cooked, or shopped, and I could even discreetly breastfeed her as soon as she was hungry. And ring slings are easily adjusted, so when it was time to swap baby duties with Chris, he could make use of it.

BB Sling

The BB Sling, though ours is in the colour “Green Peas”.

BB Sling

We settled on the colourful BB Sling from NCT. Made of woven fabric, the sling goes over the shoulder and supports the back while baby rests on your front. It does a nice job of evenly distributing the weight across the body, and it doesn’t dig into the neck, which is a complaint I’ve heard from other mums about their slings.

The sling is fairly easy to thread, similar to how we wear belts on our trousers. I am right-handed, so I wore the sling on my left shoulder, which made it easier to use my dominant hand to grab things. But a baby in a sling will put weight on one of your hips, so you should take that into account when you decide how to wear it. Also, make sure that you don’t twist the fabric – a hard knot of fabric pressing against your collarbone is no fun!

There are a variety of positions that you can place your little one into within the sling. During Hannah’s first few months of life, we carried her in the cradle position, which is exactly how it sounds, except the sling, not our arms, cradled her. When she was fussy, the heart-to-heart position soothed her really well, which had her facing us against our chests with her legs tucked into the fabric. And as she got older, we switched to a position that had her sitting on the hip so she was freer to look about.

Sling advantages

Similar to swaddling, the sling seemed to help Hannah feel safe and secure, and she never had trouble falling asleep whilst nestled inside it. I’ve also read that sitting up like this can improve a baby’s digestion. While I can’t say for sure if it helped Hannah’s, I can say that Hannah never experienced digestive problems as a baby.

The fabric has really held up all these years, and if Hannah, now nearly 3 years old, weren’t too heavy for me to carry for long periods of time, we definitely would still be using it!

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