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05Oct 13

Autumn is the season of kids wellies

It’s that time of year again. Although the passing of summer can be somewhat sad, the cool, crisp and colourful season of autumn is a nice change. We like to take our daughter Hannah to the local woods during autumn to see the trees changing from green to shades of orange and red. Hannah is quite good on her legs now, and she loves to run around, so we joke that the woods are the perfect place to set our little wild child free.

Autumn always necessitates a change of shoe wear to something that will cope with the damp piles of leaves, muddy puddles and boggy paths that the season brings. For us, a good pair of kids wellies do the trick.

Bisgaard red rubber boots

Bisgaard red rubber boots

Bright red wellies

Hannah’s wellies are not only functional, but they’re stylish to boot! We found these fantastic bright red wellington boots made by Bisgaard on Nordic Kids.co.uk. They are super sturdy and built to withstand all the muddy fun of an almost 3-year-old.

There are lots of bright colours to choose from, and they are made from 100% natural rubber. On top of that, the soles have rubber tracking, which means there is far less risk of your little one slipping and taking a tumble.

Hannah absolutely loves to jump into every puddle and pile of leaves she finds, so she usually needs a good bath and her clothes a good washing after a trip to the woods. At least her rubber boots can be easily wiped down! Less work for mummy and daddy.

Autumn art projects

Hannah’s wellies have had lots of use. We bought them last autumn, when Hannah was still a bit wobbly but could walk well enough – and get muddy enough – that the boots were a must.

Last autumn, I would take wellies-clad Hannah to the woods to collect great handfuls of leaves, choosing as many different colours and shapes as we could. Later, she and I would sit happily for an hour or two as I showed her how to glue the leaves onto a large piece of white paper. Then, I sketched an outline of a tree trunk below the leaves, we would colour it in.

I plan to repeat this fun autumn art project with her this year, but it might be time to say goodbye to last year’s wellies in exchange for a larger pair. She is growing so fast!

What colour are your children’s wellies?

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