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Mother and Baby

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30Sep 13

Bath temperature thermometers for babies

Using the right bath temperature for babies is very important. Infants cannot regulate their body temperature like adults, so it is important that the bath water is not too hot and not too cold. Bath time is also an intimate bonding moment between parents and children, so you want to make sure your baby is comfortable and not left with a chill.

When our daughter was a newborn we bathed her in the kitchen sink, so to warm up the draughty kitchen, we used my grandmother’s trick of turning on the oven. For the water, we knew that we could pour it on our inner wrists and elbows to make sure it was not too hot for Hannah. The problem was that Chris and I prefer to have scalding showers, so we feared our tolerance was too high to accurately judge the right temperature for our newborn daughter.

Thermometers to check babies bath temperature

Bath temperature thermometers for babies

Bath temperature thermometer

To ease our worries, we decided to buy a bath temperature thermometer to better regulate that the water fell between the recommended 36 to 37 degrees C. We settled on the Ray Bath and Room Digital Thermometer from the Brother Max shop because it doubles as a floating bath toy and would still be useful once Hannah outgrew the need for such a carefully monitored water temperature.

Bath time has become a favourite activity of Hannah, who is now 2 years old, and the Ray Bath Thermometer remains in her extensive collection of bath toys. The tangerine thermometer appears to be some sort of creature with two small black eyes and two raised ridges, and she regularly tries to sink it to the bottom of the tub, but it always floats back up to the surface. She also has a yellow rubber ducky, and according to Hannah, the thermometer and ducky are the best of friends!

Face cloth trick

Even with a thermometer, it is sometimes difficult to control the temperature in old houses and flats. When Hannah was a newborn, one trick that we found helped her stay cosy during bath time was soaking a face cloth in the bath water and laying it on her chest. With the warm face cloth, we were always sure the top part of her body stayed comfortable when it wasn’t submerged in water.

But be careful that your curious baby doesn’t get hold of the face cloth. As she grew older, Hannah began to put it in her mouth and drink the dirty bath water!

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