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28Sep 13

‘Swaddle Love’: Swaddling tips for new parents

Autumn seems to be the season for new babies. We always know more than a few people who have just had a baby or who are due to give birth come this time of year. That means lots of baby shower and christening presents for us to shop for!

I adore shopping for newborns – all those tiny playsuits, bootees, bibs and hats – but knowing full well that having a newborn can be daunting, I usually like to give nervous new parents something that helps them too. One aspect that I remember intimidated us when our daughter Hannah was born was swaddling. Were we wrapping her too tightly? Too loosely? How could we tell?

‘Swaddle Love’: Realistic swaddling tips for new parents

‘Swaddle Love’: Swaddling tips for new parents

Swaddling benefits

Swaddling, a practice in which a newborn is wrapped tightly in a cloth or blanket, is an age-old tradition for a reason – it really works! It provides your baby with a feeling of warmth and security that imitates the feeling of being back inside the womb. Quite simply, it helps him or her feel safe, and this helps your baby sleep peacefully and easily.

All well and good, but we were afraid of squeezing our newborn too much. After all, swaddling too tightly could cause hip dysplasia!

Thankfully, a close girlfriend brought over the book Swaddle Love from aden&anis just before our daughter was born. The book not only includes swaddling instructions, but it also has lots of photos. Seeing all those chubby, content babies slumbering soundly, and then seeing our own swaddled baby doing the same, I was sold!

Funny, relatable and realistic

Swaddle Love offers a guide to various swaddling techniques, including versions in which your baby’s hands and arms are wrapped up inside the cloth and versions in which your baby’s hands and arms are free.

But the book is far from dry. In it, author Raegan Moya-Jones details how swaddling became an important part of her children’s sleep routine as well as a way to comfort them when they were upset or fussy. She is funny, relatable and realistic, and she opens up about her personal experiences not only with swaddling, but also with the challenges of being a first-time mum.

This book has become my go-to gift for new parents because it is so useful. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, but it should! What better gift could you give parents than a happy baby and a good night’s sleep?

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