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20Sep 13

Sleep easier with baby movement monitors

It wasn’t too long ago that baby monitors were very basic technology. The monitors did nothing but transmit sound, and even that they sometimes did not do so well, with the crackles and pops of the speaker often mixing in with your baby’s gurgles and coos.

But as technology has become smarter, so have baby monitors. They are not just for audio anymore, though the sound quality has certainly improved. Now, there are baby movement monitors in addition to audio and video monitors. Some even monitor the nursery’s temperature!

Parents, sleep easier with baby movement monitors

Parents, sleep easier with baby movement monitors

Monitoring baby’s movement

We first learned about baby movement monitors when Jane was pregnant with Hannah. As first-time parents, the worry of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, was big in our minds, so we intended to buy a monitor with video in order to always keep an eye on our newborn.

Instead, we came across this baby movement  and sound monitor from Angelcare available at NCT Shop. Once Hannah arrived, we placed the sensory padding underneath her mattress, and the system monitored her breathing and movement patterns.

If no movement was detected for 15 consecutive seconds of silence, a beep would go off. If Hannah moved, the monitor re-adjusted, but if within five more seconds there still was not any movement, an alarm would go off on both ends of the monitor.

Once she became more mobile as she got older, the monitor would also let us know when she had climbed out of her baby crib.

Baby sound monitor

The monitor is adjustable, so when we opened windows or placed a fan in the room, we simply adjusted the sensitivity level so as to not to provoke false movement readings. The temperature reading is a fun bonus, especially since our home’s ancient thermostat is always a few degrees off.

The sound quality has really lasted, and we continued to use it regularly with 2-year-old Hannah up until recently when she traded her crib for a toddler bed. Plus, the monitor includes numerous frequencies and channels, so if we ever decide to have a second child, we can assign a different channel for each child.

It is amazing how much anxiety a baby’s silence, instead of a baby’s cry, can give mummy and daddy. Being able to know that Hannah was all right during the night gave us a little extra peace of mind as new parents.

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