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19Aug 13

Stylish mums choose this overnight changing bag from MabyLand

Whether using disposable or cloth nappies, an overnight changing bag is a necessity for all parents with young children. We like taking our daughter Hannah out for strolls in her pushchair, and our sweetpea bag works well for both daily excursions and overnight trips.

Overnight Changing Bag Set

Overnight Changing Bag Set

We take this bag everywhere. It definitely has gotten its fair share of use! In my opinion, Jan packs way more than I think is necessary. That said, she is always prepared! When Hannah spills her bottle, Jan has wet wipes to clean it up. When she sneezes, Jan has at least five packs of tissues to clean up her runny nose. When Hannah drops her teething ring on the ground, Hannah has at least two replacements. So in order to be prepared, we needed a big bag!

Practical Pouch

As always, practicality is key. We always appreciate well-thought out products that are specially designed for real life parents! That’s why we love this overnight changing bag from MaByLand for Ł54.99

As I mentioned, since Jan likes to pack a lot, we needed a very spacious bag. This model has tons of pouches to keep all of our baby’s things organized. There is one large zip pocket on the outside for easy access, as well as two other pockets on the exterior sides. Once you open the bag, you’ll find another four sections, one of which is a zip pouch. The set also comes with a separate clear zip pouch to keep dirty clothes and creams separate from the rest of the items in the bag.

Stylish mums

The changing bag comes as a set with a matching changing mat that makes changing nappies possible anywhere you go! Jan feels like a stylish mum when she pulls it out, but I appreciate knowing that I can lay Hannah down on a surface that I know has been cleaned and disinfected.

The pack also comes in several different styles. They are all a bit girly, in my opinion, but as we have a daughter, I suppose that is to be expected! We bought the sweetpea print, but it also comes in other floral prints like daisies and tulips. MaByLand also sells matching insulated bottle bags with all the prints if your wife really wants to go all out, but the set already comes with a built-in bottle insulator that keeps the temperature hot for four hours!

It comes with a detachable shoulder strap that allows you to carry it over your shoulder or placed on the pram. It’s also water-resistant in case it rains, as the weather in England is prone to do! Plus, we can easily wipe off spills. As I said, our bag has gotten lots of use, but since it’s so easy to clean, you would never be able to tell!

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