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15Aug 13

Funky Feet: Patriotic Shoes for Kids

When I was a single girl, I had quite the shoe collection! It may seem cliché, but I loved having the perfect pair of heels, boots or flats for every occasion. Once I was married and had children, I had to cut back a bit on my collection.

And as with most of my mum friends, I no longer shop for myself, but rather for my little ones! So as you may imagine, my children have shoe closets that are not easily rivalled! Children grow so fast, which can be both a blessing and a curse. On the bright side, I always have an excuse to take them shoe shopping. On the other hand, in addition to the expense, it also pains me to have to donate a cute pair that they have outgrown!

Union Jack Shoes by Funky Feet Fashions

Union Jack Shoes by Funky Feet Fashions

UK Pride

The UK has had a lot to celebrate the past few years. We celebrated the Queen´s Diamond Jubilee, witnessed a beautiful royal wedding, hosted the 2012 Olympic Games, and welcomed Prince George into the royal family! Call me sentimental, but I am proud of my nation, and so I have bought some patriotic gear recently.

Patriotic shoes for kids

These adorable patriotic shoes for kids from Funky Feet Fashions are some of my favourites! They are funky and unique, and most definitely patriotic! As with any pair of shoes, I also appreciate their practicality. Their soles are non-slip suede to avoid any clumsy falls for waddling toddlers. They are also machine washable, which as mums would agree, is of upmost importance!

And not only do they have the UK flag on them, but they are made in the UK! So often I see “made in China”. I appreciate buying products from my own country, not only to stimulate the economy and support local business, but to avoid supporting sweatshops. I think about how lucky my children are to be born in a free country, and I hope that one day children in sweatshops can also have that freedom.

Comfort is another key feature that is important to me. I want my children to walk with ease. They are slip-on shoes that really stay one! They have 100% cotton lining, and the shoes made for children 2 years and older have soft fleece insoles for extra warmth and support.

Available for children up until 7 years old, this would make a great gift and instil a sense of patriotism in your little one. One pair is £17.50 for children under two years old, and £21.50 for larger sizes. Happy shopping!

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