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Mother and Baby

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10Aug 13

Baby photo albums to brag about

Chris and I are definitely not old-fashioned. We are both on Facebook and are addicted to our iPhones! I would like to think that we are modern parents who know what’s up in the world. But we haven’t outgrown our photo albums. I’ve seen lots of interesting digital photo frames that flash a new picture every 30 seconds, and although I see their merit, I still love printing out photos to scrapbook or stick in picture frames.

My mum still cherishes my baby book, “The book of firsts”. In it, she has photos of my first bath, first step, first time on the slide, etc. Those memories are special, and when we get together, we often stroll through memory lane by turning the pages together. It’s a special bonding time that I hope I can have with my children when they are older!

Baby photo albums to brag about

Baby photo albums to brag about

Specially-designed Baby Photo Albums

The creators of A Little Square share my love of baby books and photo albums. Originally from New York, Alexandra Currie started the company in the UK by selling what she calls “Baby Brag Books”. She and her sister hand-designed photo albums. Since then, the store has grown quite a lot, but the brag books are still a big seller.

I love the size because there is enough space for 20 4”x6” photos. When we go to visit the grandparents, the compact book is only 14cm by 16cm, so it is easy to take along with us to show neighbours and relatives without frightening them away with a big, bulky album!

The album would also make a fantastic gift. I might buy a few, fill them with cute photos, and send them off to the aunties and uncles for Christmas. Or, you could buy an empty book for a girlfriend for her to fill it in with photos of her own baby!

The letters are hand cut in various fabrics, depending on the gender of the baby or the style mum is looking for. The photo above is a pattern of children in space, but I have also seen stripes, flowers, firemen, maps and baseballs. The patterns are really clever!

A Little Square Inspiration

As I was browsing the website, I learned a little about Alex’s story. She was diagnosed with cancer, and while recovering from chemotherapy, she learned how to knit. From there, she started a group called “Stitch and Bitch” for local cancer survivors to come and spend time together while knitting. It has since spread to other projects that benefit her community.

I was impressed by her story and her merchandise. I highly recommend you take a look at her shop, and see what you might discover!

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