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05Aug 13

Fun with Skip Hop Dunck: Bath Time Toys

Bath time is such a special bonding time between parents and their children. It’s an intimate moment to play and communicate with your newborn. That’s why bath toys are so key! The tub is not only for hygiene but also for play! And since infants should not be left alone in the water, creative and entertaining toys will help both parents and children to have a fantastic time.

Jan and I established a bedtime ritual with our daughter from a very early age to help establish a consistent sleep schedule. One of the components of our daily routine is bath time, which I would describe as easily one of the best parts of my day! During the day I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like with my child, and bath time is something that Jan and I can do together as parents. That increases the loving bond between my wife and I, as well as father/baby bonding time with my daughter.

One of the first toys we bought her was the classic bath time toy, the rubber ducky. This yellow squeaky toy floats around the water just like a duck and was one of my favourite toys as a child! Since then, we have collected quite a few more objects for our nightly ritual!

Skip Hop Dunck Bath Toy

Skip Hop Dunck Bath Toy

A twist on the rubber duck bath toy

I was browsing online the other day and found a creative new twist on the classic rubber ducky! It’s a toy called Skip Hop Dunck from Baby Sleep Shop. What a clever idea!

The toys is basically three stackable ducks, each a different size and primary colour. I like them because they are similar to building blocks, but can be used in water! They will help develop children’s motor skills and coordination. They are also designed to help children start recognizing size and colours.

They are also quite functional! They float and can be used as a rinse cup to wash off the shampoo. Sometimes our little girl can get a little squirmy at that moment, as it can be quite uncomfortable. Who really likes someone else pouring water over their head? I completely understand her feelings! However, these colourful rinse cups might just help small children cut back on their tears because the water comes from one of their favourite toys.

Lastly, since they are meant to be stacked, it is so easy to tidy up and stow away in the bathroom cabinet. As a parent, we all understand how important convenient clean-up is! The simple toy is only £10 and well worth every penny!

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