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01Aug 13

The baby shower gift you would love to receive!

July always seems to be full of baby showers! I know at least 4 girlfriends who are expecting in the autumn, and they all had showers this month! I adore this traditional party because it is the perfect opportunity to help the mother-to-be prepare for her newborn and give her advice if she is a first-time parent.

However, I must say that finding a suitable baby shower gift is quite difficult. Pushchairs, prams, and cribs are all long-term investments that parents most likely would like to choose for themselves. In addition, a purchase like that is quite expensive, and with four baby showers coming up, I simply cannot afford that luxury.

My baby shower gift, Tweet & Petite

My baby shower gift, Tweet & Petite

Clothes are another option, but children grow so fast, that it pains me to buy something the child will only be able to wear for a few months. I also don’t want to buy clothes for future use when the child is older because that requires the parents to store it somewhere until the time is right. Chances are, that article of clothing will be lost or forgotten.

Baby Shower Gift Box

Last week, however, I think I found the perfect gift! The store Bouquet Bouqet sells gift boxes for both girls and boys, which include a bit of everything. My favourite is the Tweet and Petite Baby Gift Box. I purchased this for two of the showers I attended, and they were a big hit!
The box contains basic products that the newborn can use every day.

  • An organic cotton bird-print onesie for the newborn
  • An ornate birdie toy that squeaks when squeezed
  • Two bibs
  • One muslin square
  • Fragrant White Lavender Organic Soap


My review of Tweet & Petite

I love the practicality of the onesie. The buttons are nickel-free to avoid allergic reactions, and there are snaps on the feet so when the baby is small, mum can cover the little one’s feet and snap it shut. Once bigger, the baby can go without snaps. That means the onesie can be used for at least five months. Well, the onesie can come in two sizes: 0-5 months or 6-12 months, but I’ve already told you how I feel about that.

The material is 100% organic cotton, so it is a quality fabric that will be gentle on the baby’s skin. The only downside is that it has to be washed in non-biological detergent. In fact, the producer recommends a detergent with natural chemical-free ingredients. Perhaps some mums already use that, but it seems a bit difficult to me.

The other articles in the box are so useful, but very beautifully designed. In my opinion, practical gifts are the best for a baby shower. And recently, my mum-to-be friend told me she used the soap for herself!

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