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Mother and Baby

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December, 2013

10 Dec 13

A whimsical hanging baby cradle

I’ve always liked the idea of a hanging baby cradle. We used a cot for our daughter Hannah when she was an infant, and while it worked out perfectly fine, I think I would insist on a hanging cradle for her first months of life if I could go back in time. They just seem so peaceful, almost romantic, with baby snuggled inside and gently swinging back and forth. I suppose it’s the same sensation that we adults get when looking at a hammock – complete relaxation. Cot vs. crib vs. basket When we were pregnant with our now 3-year-old Hannah, we assumed that we had to buy a Moses basket or crib in addition to a cot because of the size difference. It was hard to imagine such a little baby sleeping in such a big cot! But while baskets and cradles are perfectly acceptable furniture for babies, it […]

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03 Dec 13

A cushiony child’s toilet for potty training

It might seem a bit silly to say, but around the time that our daughter Hannah reached her first birthday, I began to become excited about potty training. It’s a big step, and I really looked forward to those first milestones as a first-time parent (and I continue to do so!). But about six months ago as she started to show interest in that big, white and watery bowl, my excitement about toilet training turned into nervousness. After all, we can’t rely on personal experience to guide us through it because we were too young to remember! At the very least, Chris and I knew we needed to buy a child’s potty. Potty Pod When Hannah started to tell us that she had done a wee or a poo and asked that we change her nappy – a tell-tale sign of potty training readiness – we knew it was time. […]

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