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Mother and Baby

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October, 2013

30 Oct 13

Baby ring slings: Convenient, comfortable and colourful!

You are never more aware of the fact that you only have two hands than when you have a baby. Our daughter Hannah loved to be held as an infant, so a pushchair wasn’t always ideal. This meant that I had to juggle holding her and doing things that required my hands, such as preparing food, housework, paying bills, or reading a book. Multitasking like that as a first-time parent wasn’t easy! So, my husband Chris and I searched for a baby carrier solution, and that’s when we discovered baby ring slings. With a sling, Hannah could be snuggled against me while I walked, cooked, or shopped, and I could even discreetly breastfeed her as soon as she was hungry. And ring slings are easily adjusted, so when it was time to swap baby duties with Chris, he could make use of it. BB Sling We settled on the colourful […]

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23 Oct 13

Mum, Dad, that’s me! Personalised storybooks for children

There are many ways to capture special moments with your children as they grow older. You can keep a photo album off or online. You can periodically measure your children’s height and mark it in pencil on the wall. You can also keep a scrapbook or baby book with photos and mementos. For our nearly 3-year-old daughter Hannah, we do all of that and more! What more could there be? To celebrate her first birthday, my husband Chris and I bought a personalised storybook that includes photos of Hannah and her name incorporated into the story. Big firsts Just as all first-time parents experience, Hannah’s first year of life was full of joy, humour and fear. To capture all of that, we ordered the custom-titled Now Hannah is One from It’s Your Story, which combines visuals and notes to document her progress. It is similar to a scrapbook, but with […]

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05 Oct 13

Autumn is the season of kids wellies

It’s that time of year again. Although the passing of summer can be somewhat sad, the cool, crisp and colourful season of autumn is a nice change. We like to take our daughter Hannah to the local woods during autumn to see the trees changing from green to shades of orange and red. Hannah is quite good on her legs now, and she loves to run around, so we joke that the woods are the perfect place to set our little wild child free. Autumn always necessitates a change of shoe wear to something that will cope with the damp piles of leaves, muddy puddles and boggy paths that the season brings. For us, a good pair of kids wellies do the trick. Bright red wellies Hannah’s wellies are not only functional, but they’re stylish to boot! We found these fantastic bright red wellington boots made by Bisgaard on Nordic Kids.co.uk. […]

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