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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with sibling discontent

02 Dec 13

Helping your children deal with bullying

Many children have to endure teasing from friends or acquaintances at some point. Sometimes it is all in good fun, but other times it is more frequent and hurtful and turns into bullying. It is important that we as parents teach our children how to handle these situations. But how? And how do we know when to step in and help our kids in the first place? Here are some of my tips for helping children deal with bullying. What is bullying? If someone is nasty to your kids once or twice, you probably would not describe that behaviour as bullying. If it happens time and time again, then it most certainly is. Bullying is not always physical.  Teasing and name-calling is bullying too when it hurts your child and happens on a regular basis. My kids Tom and Mary were both victims of teasing during their first years at school. Tom gave as good […]

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