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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with parenting challenge

05 Nov 13

Dealing with your children’s temper tantrums

Temper tantrums are a natural part of children’s development. But that does not lessen the frustration that a parent feels when a child is throwing one! Learning how to deal with your children’s tantrums in the right way can be very tough on parents – and believe me, I should know.  When my son Tom and daughter Mary were toddlers, they both were defiant, demanding and disagreeable. It is hard to believe that my now well-behaved kids were once little devils! So how did I survive the screaming, hitting and toy-throwing phase? Here are a few of my tips. Reasons for temper tantrums It’s important to remember that when your toddler behaves in an unacceptable way, it is not because he or she is bad. This behaviour is their way of trying to communicate and get your attention.  Fussy eating is a good example! Studies show tantrums usually peak between 15 […]

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