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22Jul 13

The cloth nappy conundrum

In a time where convenience is king, many mums choose disposable nappies when rearing their toddlers. I have to admit that sometimes it may be tempting to be able to throw those products away, but I would recommend giving cloth nappies a chance.

I have met many first-time parents who were slightly torn as to which to choose. They had heard of the benefits of the cloth nappies, but were also tempted by the convenience of the disposable brands. Although it is a big decision and should be agreed upon by both parents, I would like to present some advantages of cloth nappies that you might not have thought about. Good luck with your big decision!

The cloth nappy conundrum

The cloth nappy conundrum

Advantages of cloth nappies

Cost effective

Think about how many nappies a newborn goes through a day. If you estimate eight changes a day for a week, that´s 56 heavy nappies in the bin! On the other hand, reusable nappies are quite the savings as parents don’t have to purchase new packs every week – they can simply throw them in the washing machine for the next use.

Waste effective

Cost isn’t the only thing that that adds up with eight nappies a day. The amount of waste is astonishing! Studies claim that almost ten tons of nappy waste is thrown into landfills every day. These vast heaps take centuries to decompose.

Better for Baby

Since the cloth is made of organic cotton, a baby’s skin can breathe easier and would be less prone to nappy rash. Disposable nappies tend to use chemicals which turn the water into a gel-like substance that stays close to the baby’s skin. These chemicals can cause skin irritation that would otherwise be avoidable.


Cloth nappies are meant to endure! Once children are potty-trained, parents tend to use the fabric for a multitude of uses such as cleaning washcloths, burping blankets, polishing silver and even washing the car!

Quicker Potty Training

Since cloth nappies don’t transform liquids into gel, potty-training toddlers will recognize quickly when they are wet, and the process will take much less time and effort.

Variety of Options

Cloth nappies have evolved over the past years, and now there are plenty of options! They are no longer bulky or tied together with pins, as you may picture them. Nowadays you can choose from all-in-ones, all-in-twos, fitted, flat, pre-folded, and one-size-fits-all.

These are several of the reasons mums choose cloth nappies. Disposables are quite convenient as well, but they are definitely not the only option.

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