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Mother and Baby

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October, 2013

29 Oct 13

How to make after-school activities fun

Learning shouldn’t stop once children come home from school, so it is important to plan after-school activities that entertain and educate! Since Tom and Mary started school, I have juggled my work timetable so that I can be at home when they arrive. Even though they normally have a good deal of homework to do, I encourage them to unwind after school and have some fun before they settle into their studies. So what after-school activities work for my kids? Fun and educational Tom and Mary are both at an age when they have formed special friendships, and they often come home from school with a friend. If the weather is nice, I like to let the kids play outside for half an hour or so. Tom, who is 10 years old, likes to play football in the back garden with his best friend John, while 8-year-old Mary prefers playing hopscotch or with her skipping rope with […]

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22 Oct 13

Coping with your children’s fussy eating

Most families have fussy eaters. You know the one – the child who eats jam sandwiches every day for every meal and turns their nose up at vegetables! When Tom and Mary were toddlers, they were fussy eaters. In part, being picky about food was a way for them to explore their independence. But being a mother, I was worried about my children’s nutrition, so I didn’t always handle the situation well, and I sometimes put pressure on them to eat certain foods. But meal times are a lot easier nowadays! Here are my tips to get over that fussy eating phase. Changing fussy eating habits Tom, 10, and Mary, 8, now eat almost everything I put in front of them. But it was a bit of a battle to change my children’s eating patterns and teach them about the long-term benefits of healthy food. So what are the secrets of my […]

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04 Oct 13

How to manage the homework battle

With my children Tom and Mary back at school, the battle over homework has become part of our evening routine. Mary normally does her work quickly and without complaints, but Tom can make a mountain out of a molehill of a few pages of algebra. Things have improved in the last couple of years, but only after a lot of cajoling and bribery! So what is the best way parents can help their children with homework? Here are a few of my tips. Homework help It is important that children receive their parents’ support with homework. There are always a million jobs to be done at home after a busy day at work, but I make sure I am on hand to help Mary and Tom with their school studies. I believe good parenting is about making homework a priority, but children need to be convinced you are doing this for their benefit. Make sure that […]

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