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Mother and Baby

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July, 2013

31 Jul 13

Bedtime for baby: developing a sleep schedule

One of the main complaints of parents with a newborn is the lack of a baby’s sleep schedule. A fussy or colicky baby will have mum and dad up all night! Although the first year or so is difficult, there are steps that you can take to get into sync with your baby’s routine preferences so that everyone can have a decent amount of sleep. A newborn needs between 14 and 16 hours of sleep split between day and night. Unfortunately for mums and dads who want to sleep a full night, that probably won’t happen because an infant will sleep only 3 or 4 hours at a time. At three months old, some lucky parents might even sleep for 6 hours! However, that’s as long as they get because the babies will wake up at intervals to feed. The first two months One sleep tactic for newborns from one […]

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22 Jul 13

The cloth nappy conundrum

In a time where convenience is king, many mums choose disposable nappies when rearing their toddlers. I have to admit that sometimes it may be tempting to be able to throw those products away, but I would recommend giving cloth nappies a chance. I have met many first-time parents who were slightly torn as to which to choose. They had heard of the benefits of the cloth nappies, but were also tempted by the convenience of the disposable brands. Although it is a big decision and should be agreed upon by both parents, I would like to present some advantages of cloth nappies that you might not have thought about. Good luck with your big decision! Advantages of cloth nappies Cost effective Think about how many nappies a newborn goes through a day. If you estimate eight changes a day for a week, that´s 56 heavy nappies in the bin! […]

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16 Jul 13

Games for kids on a rainy day

We all know the feeling… waking up on a bank holiday, ready to enjoy that “extra” day with the family, and it’s raining! Forget about that bike ride in the country or picnic at the beach. So how do we keep the kids entertained and ourselves sane? I have a lot of good ideas for stay-at-home games, gathered over the years. Games for kids on rainy days should keep their minds occupied as well as allowing them to burn off energy so that they don’t feel confined indoors. But it’s important to pace the kids – and ourselves!   Watching a couple of DVDs together is a good idea, but it’s better to leave that till later after playing some more “traditional” interactive games. Here are a few of my own suggestions. Rainy Day Ideas Hide and seek. This is a classic, fun game, especially when mum joins in with […]

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