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31 Jul 13

P is for Planning/Perspective

P is for Planning Perspective In my humble opinion, the alphabet should start with the letter P. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Well, because P stands for planning, and most things that end well start with a plan of some sort. Planning through pregnancy is important, and I’m sure it will become increasingly so, the further I forage into parenthood. ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’ and what not, but having learnt early in my pregnancy that things don’t always go to plan I’ve had to adopt a more relaxed approach. Pregnancy plan • Enjoy pregnancy  who could really enjoy what has felt like a 30 week hangover??? • Stay healthy   went off meat and developed a third trimester sweet tooth • Exercise lots and stop work at 38 weeks   Ante natal aqua aerobics stopped at 13 weeks thanks to SPD – crawling to a 36 week end date • […]

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About Mumphabet…

Welcome to my blog Mumphabet! My name is Emize – my parents tell me it means ‘whatever I chose to be’ - quite a powerful meaning right?! I was born and raised in London and currently live in east London with my lovely husband and bump, soon to be daughter.

Mumphabet is where I’ll be sharing an alternative A-Z of random observations, tips, findings and how to make the most of some lovely, and not so lovely, realities related to motherhood. Join me as I make the transition from a ‘MeMe’ (free-spirited, fun loving, slightly selfish, working woman) to full time Mummy, whilst trying not to lose myself in the process…

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