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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with family-friendly hotels

24 Sep 13

Postcards from the edge

Holidays with children. Are they worth the hassle? I slave over travel websites, pest call reservations desks with increasingly bonkers enquiries (are there coco pops on the breakfast buffet? Does the villa kitchen have a blender?) and spend bucketfuls of cash in the quest to bask in joyful family time somewhere that isn’t our house, and therefore doesn’t have all the stuff that makes life easier.   And I hate packing. I really hate it. I hate it even more if I’m packing for five people on a three-person baggage allowance (thank you, budget airlines, for thinking under-twos travel light).   I’ve got three children – a five-year-old, a toddler and a baby. Plus a husband with a gout-inflamed toe. Just getting to the airport can be a struggle. But I’m determined We Will Have A Good Time, whether they like it or not. So I’m always on the hunt […]

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