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Mother and Baby

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Recipes with vulgar vocabulary

09 Aug 13

How to clean a potty mouth

I always dreaded “the terrible twos”. Psychologists agree that around 24 months old is when children start testing their parents’ limits. They might do or say things just to see how mum will react. Part of this rebellion is the potty mouth stage. Working mums especially might find swear words hard to deal with. Since we spend so much time in the office, we want time with our children to be quality, and discipline is extremely hard. But vulgarity is something I can’t allow, so I struggled with how to handle the situation. How to handle foul language Children usually say bad words because they are imitating people in their lives, whether it be their parents, guardians, nannies, teachers, schoolmates, or a neighbour. They are like sponges. Therefore, I like to monitor what they see and hear on the television or internet. Although learning a bad word or two may […]

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