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Recipes with better organisation

18 Sep 13

Post-It Notes be gone! Tips for better organisation

Being a working mum means having an endless to-do list. Between work, the children, food shopping, budgeting, housework, family and friends, it’s impossible to keep it all in my head. But a fridge covered in Post-It Notes reminding you to do this and that is a recipe for disorganization. Believe me, I’ve tried it! The notes fall off, become lost and are difficult to categorize. There are much better and less wasteful ways to be organised than those neon slips of paper. For example, I keep my to-do list in a computer spreadsheet that I constantly email to myself so I can read it on whatever device I am closest to. I also colour-code tasks based on priority to ensure things are finished on time. Green means I have plenty of time, but as the colour goes from blue to pink to purple, it means I have less time. I don’t […]

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