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Mother and Baby

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12 Sep 13

Teaching children money management skills

Teaching children money management skills while they are young is extremely important. As a working mum, your strong work ethic already sets a good example for your children to follow. But giving your kids ongoing responsibilities with money such as household chores will help them develop a healthy financial philosophy, and they will be more likely to be responsible when they properly enter the workforce. When it comes to my boys Jack and Rodger, I have enlisted two strategies in order to teach them the value of money. Earning a wage I have found that giving my children opportunities to earn their own income around the house has big advantages. Most importantly, it means less work for me! It instils a good work ethic in children and teaches them the value of earning a wage. We have a job board where we post chores that need to be done and a […]

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03 Sep 13

Boosting your baby’s brain development

It’s not simply the luck of the draw that some children are bright enough to go to Oxford or become an astronaut when they grow up. A baby’s brain begins to form within the third week of pregnancy, and there are certain things mums-to-be can do to boost your baby’s brain development, such as get enough rest, eat well, exercise moderately and avoid stress. However, if you are working during pregnancy or are already a working mum with another on the way, these can be difficult tasks. A heavy workload is stressful enough, but paired with pregnancy side effects like swollen feet and sheer exhaustion, it can be a challenge to keep your stress levels in check. Takeaway lunches can also become a tricky balance of avoiding the wrong foods and including the right ones. Fish, Folic Acid and Protein When it comes to your diet, be careful with fish, […]

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26 Aug 13

Healthy recipes for kids

As a working mum, you want to make healthy food for kids but don’t have the time to cook a gourmet feast every day. As a follow up to my previous post, here are two healthy meals you can prepare and stick in the fridge to be heated up later. I invested in a food processor to blitz things up; you can use a hand blender too. If you have a bit more time, kids love participating in the cooking process. My Rodger especially loves being mum’s helper in the kitchen. Plus, it is a great way to spend time together! Homemade pasta sauce Our entire family loves pasta, and this easy pasta sauce can be altered according to taste. Then all I do is boil up some pasta on the day and heat up the pasta sauce from frozen. These measurements are for two servings, but you can double […]

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16 Aug 13

Survival in the water: swimming lessons for kids

As a working mum, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my boys, Jack and Rodger. On the other hand, as I knew I could not be at home with them all the time, I also wanted them to be independent and responsible. That’s why from a very young age, I signed them up for swimming lessons for kids. We go together every Saturday morning, and it’s an activity that we can share when I am not at work. I know that in England we don’t get to enjoy swimming pools very often, perhaps only one month a year. However, my family and I often holiday in the Mediterranean and spend quite a bit of time by the hotel pool or at the beach. Swimming Disasters Since we do spend some time near water, I felt that it was important that my boys learn how to fend […]

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09 Aug 13

How to clean a potty mouth

I always dreaded “the terrible twos”. Psychologists agree that around 24 months old is when children start testing their parents’ limits. They might do or say things just to see how mum will react. Part of this rebellion is the potty mouth stage. Working mums especially might find swear words hard to deal with. Since we spend so much time in the office, we want time with our children to be quality, and discipline is extremely hard. But vulgarity is something I can’t allow, so I struggled with how to handle the situation. How to handle foul language Children usually say bad words because they are imitating people in their lives, whether it be their parents, guardians, nannies, teachers, schoolmates, or a neighbour. They are like sponges. Therefore, I like to monitor what they see and hear on the television or internet. Although learning a bad word or two may […]

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06 Aug 13

Business and Breastfeeding: A Balancing Act

Balancing business and breastfeeding can be a tricky endeavour. There are plenty of advantages to nursing, which is why so many mums don’t want their work life to get in the way of caring for their baby. The good news is that pursuing your career and breastfeeding are not incompatible! There are several ways to work around your weekly schedule, and even though it may be a bit tricky at first, once you find a routine and method that works best for you, it will be smooth sailing. Timing Some mums choose to ask for a reduced work day in order to not spend so much time away from their baby. The big inconvenience is that working fewer hours means less pay. However, if that is not an option, working remotely might be the solution! Nowadays, more and more mums are starting to work remotely, even temporarily, so the boss […]

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01 Aug 13

Nursery School Conundrum: the Classroom

One of the hardest moments in a working mum’s life is the first month of nursery school. After spending so much time together with her little one, separation seems like the end of the world! However, when it’s time to go back to work, nursery school is the only option. Choosing a nursery school can be a long and tedious process. There are a million factors to consider and, if you are a tad overprotective like me, I am sure there are a thousand worries floating around your head. I am all too familiar with the “what if” scenarios that range from a slight cut to an end-of-the-world catastrophe! But don’t worry, these fears are completely normal! And they are healthy, if not taken to the extremes. By considering many possible scenarios, you will be prepared to choose your nursery school facility wisely. I will write a few posts about […]

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25 Jul 13

Healthy food for kids: swapping ready meals for home-made healthy food can be easy

I was already a working mum when I got my big promotion at work last year. The kids were 8 and 10 and hearty eaters, but my schedule became so hectic that there was no time to cook healthy food for kids from scratch in the evening. The perfect solution? Ready-meals… …or so I thought! Frozen Meals A friend would pick the boys up along with her children after school, and we would coincide at home just as I was running through the front door. Then it was a case of opening the freezer, choosing the lasagne or the chicken Kiev and sticking the package in the microwave. Hey presto! With the kids fed and watered, homework done and tucked into bed, I would plop onto the sofa with a glass of wine and a clear conscience that I hadn’t served up corned beef sandwiches and crisps! Soon, though, even […]

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22 Jul 13

Mommy Brings Home the Bacon

I have just read this great book by an American woman, Nikki Mark, called “Mommy Brings Home The Bacon”, and I really recommend you read it with your kids – you will all enjoy it! It’s a children’s book exploring the relationship between a young boy and his working mum, told from the child’s perspective. This already gives the story an interesting twist! The boy has a vivid imagination and conjures up all sorts of reasons why his mother goes out to work, and a special bond develops between the two. Finally the child learns to appreciate the efforts and sacrifices his mum is making and understand that their “separation” will never alter her great love for him. At times touching, at others funny or whimsical, I would describe the narrative as a testimony to the working mum, caught between a rock and a hard place as she juggles providing […]

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