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05Nov 13

Tips for working mums who have trouble falling asleep

I often used to have trouble falling asleep come bedtime. It’s not that I wasn’t tired. In fact, as a married working mum with two sons who wakes up at 6.30 every morning, I was (and still am) exhausted! But when you are busy and engaged all day, it can be hard to turn off your brain at night, which can prevent you from getting enough sleep.

Sleep loss can have a negative impact on your day-to-day performance. Lack of sleep causes stress, affects your decision-making, and can cause weight gain. It can also contribute to a negative mentality. We don’t want any of that! So if you are finding it tough to wind down after a long day, here are some of my tips.

Tips for working mums who have trouble falling asleep

Tips for working mums who have trouble falling asleep

Establish a bedtime routine

Having a regular bedtime routine has really helped me fall asleep better. Reserve the hour before your bedtime for some quiet winding-down time, in which you can have a bath, read a book or simply reflect on your day. Take stock of your physical or mental to-do list and cross off things you’ve achieved. Also, think about all the positive things that happened that day.

If there is anything troubling you, write it down along with a possible solution. Then, crumple up the piece of paper and throw it in the bin. It’s a symbolic act with pretty powerful results – you throw away all of your tension before having a good night’s rest.

A regular sleep schedule isn’t only important for children! Your adult bedtime should be consistent as well as the time you wake up every morning. This way, your body’s internal clock will become accustomed to a regular sleep pattern. Also, be careful with what you eat before bedtime. Avoid stodgy foods as your body will have to work to digest as you sleep.

Ideal sleep environment

Make sure that you reserve your sleeping area for sleeping. The ideal sleeping environment has no phones or technology. Avoid paying bills, making phone calls, and checking Facebook from your bed. Keep the area comfortable and clear of clutter. Invest in comfortable bed sheets that are suitable for the season. Your bedroom should not be too hot or too cold.

Light reading and relaxing music is a good way to wind down and take your mind off things. Incense and scented candles are also a good way help you achieve the deep relaxation necessary to fall asleep. Use scents such as lavender, vanilla, or my favourite, sandalwood.

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