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07Oct 13

The importance of a working mum’s me time

Wake up, get ready, get the children ready, make breakfast, eat breakfast, and make packed lunches. Take the kids to school, work, pick the kids up from school, take the kids to extracurricular activities, cook a healthy dinner, eat, shower, and sleep. Repeat five days a week.

My day-to-day routine is quite hectic, leaving very little time to spend time alone or with my husband John. But a working mum’s me time is important and something that shouldn’t be skipped. Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy!

The importance of a working mum's me time

The importance of a working mum’s me time

Alone time

It’s not always easy to make a dramatic upheaval to your timetable just to make sure you get a little bit of alone time. Parenting is a 24-hour job. But stealing moments here and there for yourself can make a huge difference.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking ‘me time‘ doesn’t matter. Retirement is a long way away, and you will wear yourself out in the meantime. You have the power over your own happiness, and you should take the opportunity to make yourself happy when you can. If you find it hard to justify this time for yourself, just remember that your wellbeing will undoubtedly benefit the whole of your family, and not just you! So please don’t worry that you are being selfish.

Every few months, our neighbours take care of our sons Jack and Rodger for a night or two so my husband and I can have some time to ourselves. We also return the favour by looking after their 6-year-old daughter so they can do the same. Between my husband and I, we make sure to let each other know when the other needs some quiet time alone. Even if it’s just a quick trip to the supermarket or an hour of peace to read a book while dad watches the children, the smallest breaks can have the biggest impact.

Fellow parents

It’s worth getting to know the families who live nearby. It’s amazing how many mothers I have come across who really just fancy a cup of tea and a chat with someone who sympathises. Making new friends, sharing new experiences and talking about things other than kids, spreadsheets and power points is a great way to alleviate stress and break out of your bubble.

We all love our children dearly, but adults need to speak and spend time with other adults from time to time, so never hesitate to make new friends who are fellow parents. Be kind, offer to help others, and you may well find the favour being returned.


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