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18Sep 13

Post-It Notes be gone! Tips for better organisation

Being a working mum means having an endless to-do list. Between work, the children, food shopping, budgeting, housework, family and friends, it’s impossible to keep it all in my head.

But a fridge covered in Post-It Notes reminding you to do this and that is a recipe for disorganization. Believe me, I’ve tried it! The notes fall off, become lost and are difficult to categorize. There are much better and less wasteful ways to be organised than those neon slips of paper.

For example, I keep my to-do list in a computer spreadsheet that I constantly email to myself so I can read it on whatever device I am closest to. I also colour-code tasks based on priority to ensure things are finished on time. Green means I have plenty of time, but as the colour goes from blue to pink to purple, it means I have less time. I don’t use red – the colour makes me feel stressed. You can even use Google Docs which you can access from anywhere in the world so you are always just a click of a button away from your to-do’s!

Post-It Notes be gone! Tips for better organisation

Post-It Notes be gone! Tips for better organisation

Time management

Time management is key for better organisation. Every week, I check the timetable for the following week to see who does what and when. Then, the kids and I decorate an erasable whiteboard with a chart of things to do and places to be, such as extracurricular activities and family gatherings, and hang it up on the kitchen wall. We also have a job board where we post chores that need to be done and a wage that the children can earn for each job.

Thanks to these two simple organisational techniques, I can concentrate better at work without the added clutter in my head.

Avoid clutter

Unfortunately for my son Roger, we do not have an infinite amount of space for his seemingly infinite amount of toys, so I have invested in some great space savers to clear away all the bits and bobs lying around the house. A large toy box is a must to avoid clutter at home. Also, shoe separators which hang off the back of a door make great space savers for storing toys.  If you don’t have much floor space, invest in stackable boxes and build upwards. Just make sure heavy items are put into the bottom boxes to create a solid base so that the tower doesn’t fall down!


If things are not organised, the resulting mess can be daunting and stressful. Don’t freak out. Just take a breath, relax, and try and put things in order. Remember, any amount of time you dedicate towards getting organised now will pay off in the future. You will thank yourself when you are spending extra time with your children, or enjoying a glass of wine on the couch.

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