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06Aug 13

Business and Breastfeeding: A Balancing Act

Balancing business and breastfeeding can be a tricky endeavour. There are plenty of advantages to nursing, which is why so many mums don’t want their work life to get in the way of caring for their baby. The good news is that pursuing your career and breastfeeding are not incompatible!

There are several ways to work around your weekly schedule, and even though it may be a bit tricky at first, once you find a routine and method that works best for you, it will be smooth sailing.

Business and Breastfeeding: A Balancing Act

Business and Breastfeeding: A Balancing Act


Some mums choose to ask for a reduced work day in order to not spend so much time away from their baby. The big inconvenience is that working fewer hours means less pay. However, if that is not an option, working remotely might be the solution! Nowadays, more and more mums are starting to work remotely, even temporarily, so the boss might not be so hesitant if you propose that idea. With discipline and organization, women can work full days from the comfort of their own home, taking breaks to breastfeed whenever their little one may need.

If you can’t reduce your hours or work from home, why not look for a nursery school close to your workplace or office? That way you can go visit your baby during coffee and lunch breaks to nurse.

Breast Pumps

I could probably write several posts about breast pumps. When at home, breastfeed as often as you can. During the day, find a private place like the women’s restroom or a deserted office, to pump milk. Store it in the fridge and give it to the baby’s caretaker the next day for whenever your little one is hungry while you’re away. This way your baby will reap the nutritional benefits of your milk, and can make you feel connected to your baby while at the office.

My suggestion would be to tell your day-care provider not to feed your child during the last hour or two of the work day. That way, your child will want to nurse as soon as you arrive home, and you will have a warm fuzzy welcome and re-establish a nursing bond.

Alternative options

Mixing breastfeeding with alternative food sources is always an option as well. When at home, you can nurse your child as often as you would like. Breastfeed right before work and immediately when you get home. During the day, ask your day care provider to feed your child either baby formula or vegetable purée.

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