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01Aug 13

Nursery School Conundrum: the Classroom

One of the hardest moments in a working mum’s life is the first month of nursery school. After spending so much time together with her little one, separation seems like the end of the world! However, when it’s time to go back to work, nursery school is the only option.

Choosing a nursery school can be a long and tedious process. There are a million factors to consider and, if you are a tad overprotective like me, I am sure there are a thousand worries floating around your head. I am all too familiar with the “what if” scenarios that range from a slight cut to an end-of-the-world catastrophe!

Nursery School Conundrum: The Classroom

Nursery School Conundrum: The Classroom

But don’t worry, these fears are completely normal! And they are healthy, if not taken to the extremes. By considering many possible scenarios, you will be prepared to choose your nursery school facility wisely. I will write a few posts about choosing a nursery school because the decision is not to be taken lightly. Here I want to talk a bit about the proper conditions for the physical facilities.

Nursery School Facilities: The classroom

Security measures are of upmost importance as small children are prone to accidents. The entire school should be covered with safety measures such as covered electrical sockets, doorstops to avoid jammed fingers, and protected corners on tables or other pointed objects to avoid cuts on the sharp edges. Adaptors with room for multiple sockets should be out of reach, and cleaning supplies and other toxic substances should be locked away and out of reach. Think about what how you would baby-proof your home to keep your child safe and kick it up a notch. In all, the classroom should be completely safe!

The classroom should be well-lit, preferably with natural sunlight and have good ventilation. You don’t want your child breathing in recycled air all day and catching all types of bugs! It should be well-ventilated and have a proper temperature, not too hot or too cold. As for space, there should be plenty of room for all the children to play together and have their own area as well. They shouldn’t be crammed in!

The best nursery schools separate the play area from the sleeping area. That way children can differentiate between play and sleep. And if one child needs more sleep than the other, there are different zones for each.

With all these physical factors taken into consideration you should be able to tick some of your local nursery schools off the list and prioritise considering the ones that pass this initial stage. Did I miss any other physical characteristics of the perfect nursery school facility that you would consider a necessity?

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