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Mother and Baby

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22Jul 13

Mommy Brings Home the Bacon

I have just read this great book by an American woman, Nikki Mark, called “Mommy Brings Home The Bacon”, and I really recommend you read it with your kids – you will all enjoy it! It’s a children’s book exploring the relationship between a young boy and his working mum, told from the child’s perspective. This already gives the story an interesting twist!

Mommy brings home the bacon

Mommy brings home the bacon

The boy has a vivid imagination and conjures up all sorts of reasons why his mother goes out to work, and a special bond develops between the two. Finally the child learns to appreciate the efforts and sacrifices his mum is making and understand that their “separation” will never alter her great love for him.

At times touching, at others funny or whimsical, I would describe the narrative as a testimony to the working mum, caught between a rock and a hard place as she juggles providing financial support for her family with raising her children.

It’s not easy is it? The early morning departures for these business trips so you miss breakfast with your children, then the late evening arrivals to find they are already fast asleep in bed. What do our kids think of us? My 8 and 10-year old boys now better understand why I have to work full-time – it pays for “little luxuries” like iPods!

When they were younger and I couldn’t pick them up from school or missed their school plays, it was a whole different story! They felt abandoned and unwanted and then, later, resentful. I could have done with Nikki Marks’ book then!

Mommy Brings Home the Bacon” captures the right mood from the first few pages and deals very skilfully with the subject of separation anxiety – what a child feels when he or she sees mum going to work every day and leaving them behind. And the same goes for the mother leaving her child!

While the fictional mum doesn’t fill her child in on what “work” really is – fuelling his imagination big time – she does explain in a nice way that she has to go to work, but that her son is never far from her mind. And that, in a nutshell, is what it’s all about! I plan to buy several copies of this book to give to my fellow working mums for Christmas. I think they will enjoy reading the part where we learn about the jobs some of the protagonist’s school friends’ mums are holding down – very entertaining stuff!

Do you have any other book recommendations for me?

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