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December, 2013

04 Dec 13

Fun home-made pizzas for children

It has happened to most of us working mums. After a long day at the office, one of the last things we want to do is slave over a hot cooker preparing dinner, so we phone our favourite pizza place and order one for delivery. The kids love pizza, and mum gets a break. It’s a win-win, right? Not exactly. With all the grease, fat and less-than-fresh toppings, delivery pizzas should not be on regular rotation in our diets. But that doesn’t mean all pizzas are off the menu! While I certainly love the occasional delivery pizza, I’ve discovered a healthy and fairly easy recipe for home-made pizzas that tastes even better. Making them is also a fun activity that my two sons Jack and Rodger and I can do together, and the leftovers can be used for packed lunches throughout the rest of the week. I confess that sometimes I save time […]

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